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Month: March, 2010

a sense of wonder..

“If I had influence with the good fairy who is supposed to preside over the christening of all children, I should ask that her gift to each child in the world be a sense of wonder so indestructible that it would last throughout life.”…….. Rachel Carson, marine biologist and nature writer.


Not without a book


A ‘voracious reader’

          Up until recently, I proudly called myself a voracious reader.  I would devour everything that came my way, all kinds of fiction, magazines, and even comic books and product labels.  I wore the badge of a reader proudly and a little smugly wondering how anyone would choose to do something else when they had a good read.

 A surprising change…

            Things changed after one week of ‘reading deprivation’ as suggested in The Artists Way an inspiring book written by Julia Cameron, and I now doubt this need to relentlessly jump from one book to the next .

 An escape route

            Incessant reading can be a comfortable and cozy escape from reality.  Buried behind a book,  distracted by everyday routine,  reading what others have to say all the while suppressing your own thoughts, lost in another person’s world, all of which are undisruptive only if you are spending enough time doing other things; enough time putting your ideas into practice, enough time completing that unpleasant chore that you have been putting off, enough time with loved ones, enough time clearing up clutter or just clearing your mind to think things through or simply sitting in solitude.

 You simply never know!

            For all kindred book lovers – try a week without reading and you will be surprised at the new ideas that pop up or the clarity that you will find to think something through.

‘Made in India’

                     So, where does anyone who wants ‘made in India’  lampshades go in the City?   I finally got the answer to this last week when I stumbled upon the quaint and beautiful shop with a perfectly apt name ‘The Bright Side’ run by a talented duo Namita Agrawal and Radeesh Shetty both passionate about interior design.   The store showcases Indian design and also has in-house designers who create limited edition innovative lights.

                      In their own words ‘…..each of these lighting creations are individually crafted; draw inspiration from diverse and unusual sources; and are finished in materials as varied as their design – from earthy elements like handcrafted paper, banana fibre, wood  and jute; to blown glass, beads, shells and stylized fabrics; and metals that include brass, copper and stainless steel.’

                             The shopfront which initially pulled me in


After an initial foray I went back yesterday for a thorough check out and discovered these

beautiful table lamps…

hanging fibre lamps which I love, love

 the store has a stainless steel and copper collection

old fashioned glass lamps

kitschy candle holders

paper lamps

the Rakshasi lamp

and fun stuff like this one here….

The store has loads of beautiful lamps and is located at

 #128, 1st Main Road, Domlur 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore-560008.


On a road trip to Mysore,

We saw a shepherd,    



tending to his flock              



 a migratory bird tending to its little ones  




                                                                                 and bought from this man       



freshly picked flowers         


   for a few hours of undiluted joy.