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Month: April, 2010



the camera misted up as soon as I reached kerala with the scorching sun and the white heat; days passed out-of- focus and sweat drenched.  I stepped out in the late evening to capture an approaching summer storm.


a second-hand book


Rashmi was 12 years old when her Papa and Mummy gifted her ”The Five’ and The Mystery of the Emeralds’, in appreciation of her top grade in her 6th grade. 

She is 25 years old now and studying at a university abroad. 

She does not want to come back to India but Papa and Mummy want her to live close to them, married to a man of their choice.


Random impressions of a hill station


winding roads through beautiful coffee estates, thick pepper plants, honey and homemade wines, white cottages with red-tiled roofs, smoking chimneys, an ‘uncharacteristic’ home stay, misty landscapes, a slope roofed tiny bedroom with a view of the hills, a quaint garden strewn with sculptures, a bookshelf with old Readers Digests and Mills and Boons, a trip to the icy source of a holy river, 400 steps to the top of a hill, a displaced Tibetan monastery, young sleepy monks and a late evening visit to an ancient temple.



Robinson and Crusoe, a play at Rangashankara

This past weekend my daughter and I were fortunate enough to see an amazing children’s play Robinson and Crusoe at Rangashankara (RS).   A friend of mine organized the trip to RS, a delicious meal in their café and play tickets for 10 children and four adults, as part of the birthday celebration of her son.

After initial hemming and hawing ( as is my wont), I agreed to move my lazy self on Sunday afternoon and was subsequently thrilled to watch yet another great play in 2010 ( the first one was Manto Ismat Haazir Hain -definitely not for children).

The actors Sathya ( I am presuming he was ‘Youyou’) and Tariq Vasudev (‘Meme’) excelled in drawing us into the story of two soldiers from opposite sides stranded on a roof top, floating in the middle of the ocean.  Youyou speaks gibberish and Meme- English with a few Kannada words thrown in.

The play is essentially about how the two soldiers transcend superficial barriers like different countries, languages and looks to develop a friendship to survive and escape from the desperate situation that they are in.  There was a lot of hilarity in the scenes where the two soldiers spoke different languages and in turns understood and misunderstood each other. 

The children in the age group of 8-9 were also excited about the fight sequences and the dramatic lighting effects on stage and many of them wanted to watch the rerun at 7.30 pm the same day.

There were several uplifting scenes like the one in the beginning where both the soldiers are loathe to kill a mouse when they are out to kill each other and also the one where they bond over a shared bottle of spirits.

All in all the play left me feeling elated and I eagerly look forward to what RS has to offer in the future.

a rose-tinted day

It rained today after a month of sultry weather.  The roads are washed and sparkly, the rain washed away the dust from the trees. 

There is a muted silence as if everyone is whispering and walking tiptoed.  The smell of earth is heavenly; the world is a beautiful, happy place with trees in full bloom, rose- tinted and glassy pink all over. 



 Image 1. Courtesy:  absolutelybeautifulthings