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Month: June, 2010

BP oil spill

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The April 20 explosion of the BP offshore drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico is considered to be the worst oil spill because the rig is tapped into an underwater oil well which means that until it is plugged the leak is indefinite and the damage indeterminable.  Several species of wildlife are threatened including many on the endangered list.  Poisoning, hypothermia, malnutrition, ulcers, kidney and liver damage, pneumonia, neurological disorders and cancer are some of the short term effects and the long term effects can be severe and unpredictable affecting the entire food chain. Apart from the immediate economic effects on human population in the affected areas the affect on human health has not been adequately researched at this stage. Looking at this it is obvious that there is an urgent, critical need globally to find efficient alternative energy solutions and reduce dependence on oil because for one if we continue to be dependent on oil there will be such accidents.  India urgently needs to improve its public transportation system one of the largest fossil fuel dependent sector and move towards checking the growth of private vehicles. Although development of alternative energy solutions come with high costs and higher costs for India a developing country in the growing phase, individual lifestyle changes can be made right now with sustained effort by researching and opting to reduce this dependence with cleaner transport choices and by reducing use of plastic products among others.

Check here and here for more statistics on the oil spill.


fallen wings

a pressed leaf, a fallen butterfly wing and a painted copy..

‘My name is Amrita… born to be an artist’

Although I have been on the lookout, I have’nt come across too many books introducing Indian artists to children.  As a result of which I was really happy to find this book, the second children’s book I found in the arts section of Hippocampus. I wrote about the first one here.

 ‘My name is Amrita…born to be an artist’, is published by Tulika  books.  It is a part of a set of four books for children, written by Anjali Raghbeer and illustrated by Sowmya Menon, featuring contemporary Indian artists.

Written like the diary of a young Amrita Sher-Gil, the Indian painter who was considered one of the masters of Indian modern art, the book is filled with photographs from the painter’s childhood taken by her father and excerpts from her diaries.  The simple writing and pictures introduce the subject of the artist’s life and work, to young children, in an engaging manner.

The book captures the poignant thoughts and emotions of the artist from the age of 7 or 8 with the help of the artist’s childhood paintings starting with typically childish images like fairies and princesses and evolving later on into stunning portraits.  Here is a look inside….

It narrates how the artist’s childhood paintings were influenced by her European art instruction and her later paintings ( including the South Indian trilogy) by Indian art and locale, and famously the Ajanta and Ellora cave paintings.   

part of the painting titled ‘Bhramachari’s’

Bride’s toilet.

go green…