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Month: July, 2010

live and learn

I feel as if I spent all of the last two weeks hurtling in rickshaws from one end of this slushy, rainy, city to the other with a sense of urgency to do something or a lot of things; cram in a new class, take on new work responsibilities, follow my numerous interests.  Now all of a sudden I have way more than I can handle and have to backtrack to where I started from, learning to take things slowly, be less impulsive and less driven by external pressures, and most importantly savouring each moment. Tomorrow, I pick up my camera (after a whole month of neglect) and go on a three day trip with a friend to the bustling city of Bombay. See you all soon.


6 x 6 collage swap,what I sent

And here’s what I sent Janet who wrote about it here..

‘Welcome to Beautiful Dreams’

‘Gypsy Woman’

6×6 collage swap

Beautiful, handmade collages came in the post today.  I took part in Janet and Lee ‘s 6×6 collage swap and received these from Janet, my collage exchange partner.

‘The Fortune Teller’

‘Golden Daydreams’

Amazingly, both of us had the same theme in mind for our collages; daydreams, fortune tellers, gypsy women… I loved the beautiful colors and the material she used.  I’ll treasure these.. thank you, Janet.