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Month: September, 2010

Photography Challenge……..’Quiet’

There is no avoiding religion, religious symbols, festivals and such in India and it was the same this week.  My quest for a ‘quiet’ place took me to a beautiful old friary on Hosur Road and another chapel in the heart of the busy and crowded St. John’s hospital (thanks to very helpful friends.) Do check Yvonne’s blog for her interpretation of ‘Quiet’ and join in for the next theme ‘Numbers’ to be posted on Oct 11.

‘Quiet’ also reminded me of the serene Garud Tal (Garud Lake) in Uttaranchal that we visited this summer.  The most peaceful landscape I had ever been to with none of the eeriness that one feels in lonely landscapes

the path leading up from the waters edge



I signed up couple of days back for seriously learning how to get silly or is it sillier? over at The Art of Silliness 2 which is an online class by Carla Sonheim.  It promises to be one month of drawing exercises, journaling prompts, a poem to illustrate, writing exercises, spelling words, drawing games, collage prompts, short a whole lot of fun.  Anyone can sign up any time upto October 15.

Today I actually won something (I think for the first time after school days).  Carla decided to refund two classes to two of us who signed up and I  am one of them.  Did I say that I am Rappy? which is really+ happy in Fleep.   Thank you, Squeen.

photography challenge ……’sparkle’

Yvonne and I decided to give each other (and all others who are looking for a challenge) a creative push by taking turns to come up with words for a photography challenge.  This time I chose the word ‘SPARKLE’.  I spent the whole week trying to convince myself that although the word sounded easy enough it was difficult to come up with something out of the box while sitting at my desk and trying to meet office deadlines, but the truth was that I was grappling with the knowledge of how little photography I really know and peeking at Yvonne’s blog and her light filled gorgeous photographs and wondering how I was going to match up to that.  Fortunately, the Ganesha festival was this week and I got a chance to step out and mingle with the neighbourhood at the pandal or marquee close by.  The venue was the local park and playground, beautifully lit with twinkling lights in all colours. I chose the  shadowy areas away from the crowds with its  dark, mysterious and romantic feel.  Check out Yvonne’s ideas of SPARKLE here

behind the stage

the perfect secret spot

a lit up path to nowhere

Exhibition at Max Mueller Bhavan

There is a Contemporary Picture Book Illustration currently on at the Max Mueller Bhavan, Bangalore, which is really worth visiting. The exhibition features the work of 13 German illustrators of children’s books, viewed from their individual perspectives.

I liked the illustrations and the medium used for ‘Slip-Slap-Sloth’ the best.  The artist is Karoline Kehr and she created the illustrations by painting in the characters directly onto photographs of three dimensional backdrops that she created.  The story is about our ‘inner sloth’…

Another book which I loved was that illustrated by Nikolaus Heidelbach named ‘The Thirteenth Fairy’. Beautiful artwork, kind of scary but the children were fascinated. The medium used is pen, indian ink and watercolours.

Check out the next collage/illustrations from a book called ‘New ABC book’.  The artist is Wolf Erlbruch.  The colours and the simplicity appealed to me as as an adult.

Don’t miss it! It ends on the 25th of this month.