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Month: October, 2010

Photography assignment…’photos that make me happy’

I gathered these random photos for Yvonne’s simple challenge of  ‘photos that make you happy’.  Do click over to her blog to see her work.   The next topic is ‘shadows’ to be posted on November 8th.

I often revisit this overexposed photograph of children at the sea side …

I love the painted effect in this photo that I took…

and this message from the skies.


Photography Challenge…..’numbers’

It was almost impossible to make ‘numbers’ look good through a photograph, but last week I had some fodder for this challenge.  Do click over to Yvonne’s to see what she did with this challenge and also for next fortnight’s topic.
A ‘9’th Birthday
with ‘6’ dear friends over
for a  colourful, messy, sugary ‘ baking’ party.