Courage, Confidence and ‘Cool’

by Mridula

ELEPHANT 2Kodanad Elephant Sanctuary, Kerala

We made Courage, Confidence and ‘Cool’ our family motto for this year and my daughter and I have a silly faux latin code for it Corag, Confid and Colat just to remind ourselves secretly in public that this is what we are focusing on in 2015.

I wish:

For me courage for trying on new things; accepting change, learning to say ‘no’ and living with more spunk. For her courage to be herself especially in these teen years and saying ‘no’ to things she doesn’t like.

For me confidence to take on new work and meet new people. For her confidence in her mental abilities, unique talents and sensitive and compassionate nature, with friends, teachers and in school.

For me cool as in equanimity and being calm amidst stress. For her cool is everything right now. For her cool as in being herself, being able to stand on her own feet and not force-fit into the crowd.

Have a beautiful 2015!